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Membership Levels

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Racing Membership

There is no thrill quite like watching your racehorse win on track and here at Cross Channel Racing, we believe every owner should get to experience that! With over 50 horses under current Cross Channel Racing ownership, there are always opportunities for new owners to get involved. 

 What does owning a racehorse cost? 

Owner shares in a horse with Cross Channel Racing couldn't be easier. There are two cost components to racehorse ownership:

1. Upfront Cost of the Share - this cost is paid upfront and is a one-off payment that covers your % ownership of the horse's value. For example, a 10% share in £5,000 horse means an upfront payment of £500.

2. Monthly Training Fees - this is the monthly cost of keeping your horse in training and at Cross Channel Racing we have one of the most competitive rates across the entire country. 

Our training fees are all-inclusive so that means your monthly payment covers all training costs, entry fees, transport costs & all day-to-day veterinary expenses. This means that monthly payments remain constant - so no ugly surprises!

 What can I expect as an Owner? 

At Cross Channel Racing we are passionate about providing a fun experience for all of our owners. As an owner in any of our horses you can expect:

  • Complimentary Owners & Trainers tickets whenever your horse runs

  • The opportunity to visit Danebury Stables to see your horse in the stable or on the gallops whenever you wish

  • Access to our Members App which gives owners:

    • Information on all entries and declaration of CCR horses

    • On-course Updates

    • Pre-Race analysis from our Racing Analyst as to your horses chances

    • Post-Race analysis again from our Racing Analyst but also the trainer & jockey

    • Regular VIP event invitations, including Open Mornings, Danebury Wines & Sporting Events

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